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June 24, 2007: "Blues Heroes of Cincinnati" Click for more Dirty River images from the event! Jenelle Murray, Wendy Lee, Jim Thaxter, Kurtis Heinrick, and Garrett Curtis.


Camp Stepping Stones Benefit Performance: August 6th, 2005

Jeff Bonta, Jim Thaxter and Jenelle

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Dew Drop Inn 9/22/2001

Dick Buchholz

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Charlene joins band as sax and singer.

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Above, left to right: Matt Clark, Jim Thaxter, Sherry Runyon, Jenelle, Jeff Bonta (playing his guitar, Stevie Ray Vaughn style- behind his back!)



The Original Dirty River (#1): At Miss Kitty's 1981

L to R: Bill Kennedy, Derrick Ellis, Jenelle, Kevin Wooten, Ted McConnell.




1992: For the full weekend band version, Mike Tucker would replace Jeff on guitar and Jay Tucker would switch from bass to second guitar and Greg Tucker, another brother, would play bass. All of the Tucker brothers in one band! Sometimes Jeff would play guitar and Jay would play bass, replacing Greg. This all allowed Jeff to remain in his regular week-end band, "Devona and the Demos" with his wife.

Township F&T was also the site of an outdoor blues festival with a performance by Dirty River in May, 1992 featuring some of the best of the local Cincinnati blues scene.


"RiverFest" September 3, 1992

Performance by Billie Coleman, Jeff Bonta, Jenelle and Gary Mitchell (televised).



More Photos:

9/3/2000 Stage setup; Jenelle's hybrid drum layout

7/7/2001 Greater Cincinnati Blues Society blues festival

(H-Bomb Ferguson, John Redell, Lance Boyd, Kitty Carson)

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