Blues Heroes Documentary


Blues Heroes of Cincinnati

June 24, 2007

Asked to play by Chuck Land this concert filmed as a documentary of the Cincinnati blues scene, Jeff Bonta was unavailable to play. Wendy was kind to step in for him and we performed three tunes she had written. Jim Thaxter on bass and Jenelle on drums played with Wendy's studio producer Garrett Curtis and Jenelle's long time friend, Kurtis Heindrick on guitar. Brad Hatfield was to play as well but was unavailable, as was his dad, Bernie. What we played, all Wendy's originals was not really blues (more like jazz/rock, if there is such a thing, lol) but the crowd liked what we did, none-the-less.

Kurtis was also the audio engineer for the event and also helping produce the video was Jenelle's long time friends and colleagues', Russ (video producer) and Nik Sutton (videographer, famous for his SteadyCam work in Indie films. Russ, Nik and Jenelle were all a big part of the Southern Ohio Film Association [SOFA]; Jenelle on the board for 10 years).

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Above, Wendy Lee- Keyboards, Vocals and Songwriter of the tunes we played on stage.
Band: Jenelle Murray, Wendy Lee, Garrett Curtis, Jim Thaxter and Kurtis Heinrick