Charlene Sinclair


Charlene Sinclair
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Charlene Sinclair Sax, vocals

She is a writer, photographer, model, musician, is in medical management and a medical software management rep for a computer company in Dayton and MOTHER ("...geezzzz how do we juggle all these hats")? 

Charlene is very excited playing blues singing as well, doing backup, when the sax isn't needed. 

Charlene was a model in NY, LA and doing some local; treated like royalty. She thinks it's good that she is not doing it so much now, as one can become quickly rotten from being treated that way. 

She gets a kick out of performing, especially the first time somewhere as guys automatically assume she is a doo wap girl. She does do that too, but she also has that classic look when she picks up the sax; as it is rare and almost never seen. She has a very rich sound and has been told, the best some have heard.


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