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Dirty River...


  Jenelle-Drums, Vocals; Jeff Bonta-Guitars, Vocals; Matt "Moon Dog" Hayden-Bass, Vocals; Jocelyn "Jaz" -Lead Vocals

Froggy's October 2014:

Now That the Magic Has Gone -Mark, lead vocals

Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean - Jocelyn, lead vocals

Turn Me On -Jocelyn, lead vocals

Boom Boom, Out Go the Lights - Jocelyn, lead vocals

I'd Rather Be Blind - Jocelyn, lead vocals

Hootchie Cootchie Man -Jeff, lead vocals

Give Me One Good Reason - Jocelyn, lead vocals

Statesboro Blues -Mark, lead vocals

Love Me Like a Man - Jocelyn, lead vocals

Shake, Rattle and Roll Jenelle, lead vocals

Pipeline -Instrumental


Homeless Youth Benefit-Oct 2014:

Baby, Baby, Every Night - Jocelyn, lead vocals

Morning Dew - short version - Jocelyn, lead vocals

Morning Dew - full  version  - Jocelyn, lead vocals

Now That the Magic is Gone - Mark Clifford, lead vocals

Give Me One Good Reason - Jocelyn, lead vocals


...and through the years:

2010 -2013:

Jenelle-Drums, Vocals; Jeff Bonta-Guitars, Vocals; Rick "Rock" Stone-Bass, Vocals; Malkum Gibson-Lead Vocals, Harp

Cross Eyed Cat features Malkum on lead vocals and blues harp along with the band (Jenelle, Rick and Jeff)

Red House features Jenelle on vocals

Some Kind of Wonderful features Rick on vocals

Going Down features Jeff on vocals


First edition of band, 1981-1985; Jenelle (Drums and Vocals), Ted McConnell (G/V), Kevin Wooten (Bass, vocals), Derrick Ellis (Guitar, vocals), Kathy Murray (vocals as guest), Bill Kennedy (Sax)

Rock Me Baby Kevin

Hear Me Calling Kevin/Ted

Turn On Your Love Light Ted with Kathy Murray

Can't Get Next to You Kevin

Them Changes Kevin


Second edition of band - Jenelle, Sondra, J Scar Tucker, Mike Tucker, Jeff Bonta

Piece of My Heart Sondra

Last Kiss  Jay lead vocals with full band singing backup

You'll Lose a Good Thing Sondra

Queen Bee Sondra (From Dirty River festival), featuring Jeff Bonta on slide guitar

Tin Pan Ally Mike

Further On Up The Road Mike


Riverfest: Billy Coleman (Guitar, Harp, vocals), Jeff Bonta (Guitar, vocals), Jenelle (Drums), Gary Mitchell (Bass)

Hi-Heeled Sneakers Billy vocals, harp

Killing Floor Jeff vocals


Featuring Sherry Runyon (Guitar and lead vocals) and Charlene (Sax, backing vox), Jenelle, Bob Chain (Bass)

The Rose


Featuring Greg Thomas (guitar) and Charlene (Sax), Jenelle, Jim Thaxter (Bass):

Little Wing Greg Thomas

Hey Joe Greg Thomas

Summertime Strut Greg Thomas

King Bee Features Billy Coleman (Guest) on vocals and blues harp

Walkin the Dog Greg

House is Rockin Greg

Kansas City Jim



Featuring John Faris (keyboards, horns) with Jenelle, Sondra, Jeff Bonta (Guitar, Vox) :

As the Years Go Passing By sample version Sondra

It Hurts Me Too Sondra

Hurts So Bad Sondra

Middle Age Blues Sondra

Me and Bobby McGee Sondra

I'd Rather Be Blind Sondra

T'aint Nobody's Business Sondra

Little Red Rooster Sondra

You Can Have My Husband Sondra

Texas Flood sample version Jeff on vocals

Stormy Monday Sondra

Baby What you want me to do

Have You Ever Loved a Woman


Featuring Phil Buscema (Guitar) and John Faris (Keyboards, horns): This one time performance also had Sondra, Jenelle and Walter Cash (bass)

Almost Lost My Mind Sondra

Summertime Sondra

Hey Bartender Sondra

Help Me Phil on lead vocals

Let the Good Times Roll Sondra



Featuring Richard Buchholz (Guitar) and Jim Thaxter (Bass) with Charlene (Sax) and Jenelle:

Ain't No Sunshine Dick on lead vocals

I've Got My Mojo Working Jim on lead vocals

Mean Woman Blues Jim on lead vocals

Sweet Little Angel Jim on lead vocals

Who will the next fool be Dick



Featuring Paul Corello (Guitar) and Brad Hatfield (Blues Harp): This band also featured Randy Birckhead (bass, vocals) and Jenelle

Drop Down Mama Paul singing

Third Degree That's Randy singing this one


Featuring John Redell: this one time performance also had Jymi (bass, guitars, kyboards, vocals), Wendy Lee (keyboards, Randy Birckhead (guitar), Jenelle (drums) and Paul Corrello (guitar)

In The Mood John



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