Mark Clifford

Our prior keyboard player, John Faris, was a nationally known, prominent musician, from this area but who had played nationally with Tommy Bolin (James Gang, Deep Purple, Billy Cobham) in Zephyr. When John passed away, our lead female singer of 20 years who was married to him decided to leave the band and stop singing..

Dirty River started looking for their replacements, no easy task indeed.

We went a couple of years with Malkum Gibson who was a great front man, blues harmonica player and lead singer-see his BIO elsewhere....Now we have found a couple of talents we hope you agree, carry on that great Dirty River talent pool we have been able to gather over our 30 years of our existence.

Let me introduce to you ...

Mark Clifford, a native of Pittsburgh, PA., Mark has been performing since under his fatherís direction, with the Clifford Trio, doing weddings and then he went out on the road working the hotel circuit and doing specialty shows. He spent several years in San Diego, California where he put together a show band using San Diego Chargers, Lynden King and Kellen Winslow, did studio sessions, worked on the Merv Griffin show, and did pre-shows for country artists such as Alabama, Porter Wagner, and Hank Williams Jr.